About us

materializing dreams. expensive.

what makes a home from house?
why one is comfortable in small cozy room and can't stay long in other places?
why some buildings or flats are nice from outside or on pictures but completely unpleasant to live in?
where to put a house or garage on a landplot?
how to use all avaliable space for a certain purpose?
while one likes to live high - others closer to ground.
why some places are good to sleep while others not?
where is the best place for sitting room or kitchen?
we do ask ourselves and our clients all these questions above - before we do any arrangements or elevations. we get all client's preferences, comforts, his colour and taste of happiness - before we create a living or working space for him, both functionally and visually. we thoroughly study the function and purpose - usage and working comfort makes one in a proper mood
true beauty is not outside, but within.
the studio is more than 10 years on the run for creating living, working and staying spaces of a noble luxury.
active mostly in tailor-made interior design, renowations and restorations, landscaping, object design and tailor-made solutions.